2022 Q&A with Alonzo Dodd

Alonzo Dodd is a 2022 point guard that attends South St. Paul Secondary in Minnesota. He runs with Grassroots Sizzle AAU, and that is where we got to see him quite a bit this past spring/summer. We caught up with Alonzo to get an update on his high school season, recruiting, and upcoming AAU season.

RLH: How has the high school season been going for you?
AD: The high school season has been good for the team and I. Obviously it can be better but we as a team are competing every game. Our record is better than any south St. Paul basketball record in the past 50 years. And as of myself, I score the ball, and facilitate the court, but I like to be a team player as I am on my AAU team with Sizzle. I would rather win than have a big scoring game.

RLH: What is it like starting to get recruiting interest?
AD: It is great, getting my name out to colleges is something I’ve thought of as a kid, and actually playing college basketball is something I dream of now. I try to keep my head focused so I don’t think of it too much since my mind is on the season. Even though I am focused, I tend to not notice the attention I am getting so every now and then my coach reminds me and wants me to enjoy the little things.

RLH: What has been your biggest individual accomplishment this high school year?
AD: If I had to name one it would be passing my older brother on the scoring list. I don’t say this at all, but I looked up to him and to pass him feels amazing. As the youngest brother, hopefully I can be the only one in the family to reach the 1,000 point club.

RLH: What would you consider are the strong parts of your game?
AD: I would say seeing the court and noticing what the defense is doing. I also think playing inside, attacking the basket and getting to the line are strong areas of my game.

RLH: What are you doing to get better?
AD: I like going other places after practices just to get in some extra work. Sometimes it’s actually working with my coaches or just by myself — I always want to get better.

RLH: How did you like playing RecruitLook Hoops League last year?
AD: I loved playing on the RecruitLook Hoops League. I loved playing on an advanced stage, seeing my teammates get college offers like Hampton, and Florida, truly made me happy. I like seeing everybody succeed and without the teammates I had on that AAU team, I wouldn’t be the same person, only because we competed every practice, we made each other better and really fed off the energy we brought. I’m sure most of us could say we even learned a couple things from one another.

RLH: Some colleges are starting to call about you. Do you have any recruitment updates?
AD: Not much right now. I have some interest from a couple schools that plan on watching me play this season or during the AAU season.

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