High IQ Academy: Championship Recap: Fall League Showcase

With a championship on the line, the level of play on the hardwood was phenomenal from the opening tip until the final buzzer. The event all day was intense as every team played with the desire to be crowned the champion but in the end, only one team would walkway with the trophy.

Huge congrats to the Prairie View team as they battled and played a great game being crowned the 2020 champs. Wanted to send a thank you to the entire staff at the High IQ Academy for the unlimited access and congratulations on putting on a successful fall league looking forward to the next event.

2021 Jaeshon Thomas PG 6’2 175 (Whitney Young)

The senior point man from Whitney Young used this fall league to show everyone why he is one of the most underrated players in his class. Jaeshon not only leads his team to the championship he also garnered MVP honors for his stellar play on the floor. One thing he does already that should help him as he moves on to the college game is that he rebounds the basketball very well from the guard spot. With his ability to rebound he is then able to initiate the fast break and get his team into early offensive sets. He displayed the ability to score the basketball by either hitting shots from 3point range or attacking the basket. He showed he was comfortable playing either guard position being comfortable on the basketball or off the ball. He is a tough defender who hasn’t reached begun to scratch the surface of his potential on that end of the floor. I can see a huge senior season in store for Jaeshon as he looks to lead Whitney Young.

2023 Darren Ames PG 6’0 160 (Kenwood Academy)

Darren blows me away every time I get to watch him take the floor and this weekend and the entire fall league was no difference. The lefty guard has handle to spare with an abundance of crossovers and counters in his arsenal. Keeping Darren out of the lane is a tough task for any defender and he consistently got into the paint but was effective in drawing the help defender and finding his teammates for wide-open looks. He showed great touch around the basket finishing layups on both sides of the rim. He really is the engine for his team as the offense truly goes as he goes. He has a lot of freedom from his coaches to play the game with his eyes and feel getting into the offensive sets as he feels are the most effective at that particular time. He plays at a different pace and speed which allows him to keep the defense guessing as to when he will drive to the basket or use his separation dribble for jump shots. Darren is a gifted playmaker with extreme court vision who I look forward to scouting this upcoming season.

2023 Camron Williford PG 5’11 160 (Hyde Park Academy)

It could be an adjustment being a young point guard but Camron has adapted to the role in all aspects thus far in his young career. Cam has a great feel for the game knowing where teammates are and anticipating where they are going, and can make high-level reads in pick-and-roll situations. He showed that he has the ability to make shots at this stage in his career either catch and shot as well as off the bounce. He has a tight solid handle that is not as fancy but super effective at creating space to get his shot off clean or attack the basket and finish with an array of floaters. He showed great improvement in playing off the ball and being effective with making extra passes to keep the offense flowing. He will play a large role for his team this season and will be looked upon to contribute on both ends of the floor. On the defensive end, he guarded in both man to man situations as well as zone defense. He was able to cause deflections and got his hands into the passing lane to get some steals for easy baskets.

2024 Jaedin Reyna PG 6’0 150 (St. Rita)

The freshman guard showed he is someone that is a force on the court already in his young career who is not afraid to play on the big stage. Crafty with the ball in his hands and ability to create off the dribble, both for himself and for teammates. You can see with the way he plays the game he has been working on scoring from all three levels. Making plays is the calling card for Jaedin. With him, on the floor, his play wins your team basketball games and he doesn’t do anything to hurt his team. He has a mature feel for the game which you can see when watching him play as he never seems to get rushed into a turnover or negative play. He showcased a solid handle which he used to beat his defender off the dribble getting downhill to the basket and finishing over bigger opponents. He has an ever-improving jumper that over time will be one of his biggest attributes.