Rock N Ball Fall League: Standout Players PG Edition

As we enter the championship games for the Rock N Ball fall league we are highlighting some of the standout Point Guards who have helped lead their respective teams to this point. These players have been a main driving force for their team’s success.

2022 Devonte Hall 6’0 160 PG (Hyde Park Academy)

Devonte was not a name at the top of many scouts list coming into this event back in November but all that has changed now. Ticket as he is called by his teammates showed with his play that he is worth the price of admission. He is a dynamic ball-handler with next level speed and quickness being able to change gears end line to end line. I watched him play two different styles of play in each half of the game. In the first half he looked to be a distributing pass first guard. He routinely got into the teeth of the defense drawing the second defender an finding the open teammate. As the game started taking shape in the second half he switched gears by going into attack mode. He started by driving the basketball to the rim finishing layups and using screen an roll to make tough defended shoots as well as finding teammates. A big year is in store for Devonte as his game continues to improve along with his decision making.

2022 Jaylen Drane 6’2 170 PG (Simeon Career Academy)

Jaylen didn’t disappointment this weekend when he was on the floor. Coming into the game you already know he is an athletic combo guard who excels in transition with the basketball in his hands. Drane is able to play both ends of the floor and picked up full court during certain periods of the game. Jaylen attacks the basket relentlessly which is one of his calling cards. The biggest takeaway throughout this entire fall league has been his confidence with shooting the basketball. He can get in the lane at will but his game has progressed into him becoming a capable outside shooter. He know has defenders at his will with his offensive package being able to score on all three levels.

2023 Kendall Brasfield 6’2 190 PG (Curie High School)

The senior guard showed why it is so important to have battle-tested players late in close games. Kendall was able to show veteran leadership on and off the floor leading his team to a victory. He used his length on the defensive end disrupting passes and leading to easy fast-break baskets. With an impressive wingspan, he looks the part of a college-ready guard. He is an adaptable all-around offensive player as he excelled both on and off the basketball. He has used the time away to really improve his all-around game on both ends of the floor.

2023 Kaiden Space 5’10 150 PG (St. Rita)

When you are a lead guard under 6ft you have to have a special feel for the game to help you stand out in environments like this one. I watched Kaiden be able to score in the transition game as well as in the half court. He is years ahead of the learning curve being able to run effective pick an roll and making a decision to attack the switch or find his teammate. Having years left in high school will only be able to help improve his overall skill set. Kaiden is already a capable shooter who will continue to stretch his range out to the three point line. He will definitely be a fast rising prospect to continue to monitor.

Feature image: Threat Hoops