South Iron trio making noise

South Iron went into CBC High School on January 30th and came out with one of the biggest upsets of the year in Missouri, or so you would think. South Iron has been up for the challenge all year and boasts a talented roster that plays disciplined basketball in addition to being well-coached. They expect to win and have a proven roster full of winners. 

Brock Wakefield | South Iron | Class of 2021 | Guard

Wakefield is a Citadel commit who is very skilled on the perimeter. He possesses good ball-handling ability, and can get to the rim throughout the game where he uses great footwork and a variety of finishes to fill up the stat sheet. His jump shot is solid and allows him to keep the defense on their heels. In addition to this, his basketball IQ and how he sees the floor are advanced for his age and will translate to the college level.

Drenin Dinkins | South Iron | Class of 2022 | Point Guard

Dinkins is an electric ball-handler who covers a lot of ground on the floor. He’s very quick with the ball and can run the offense. He has shown consistent ability to create his own shot from three with stepbacks and pullback moves in his arsenal. Against CBC he grabbed 15 rebounds at only 5’11 showcasing his nose for the ball and desire to win at all costs. Dinkins has been impressive every time we’ve seen him this year. 

Jermarco Burse | South Iron | Class of 2021 | Forward

Burse is a hard-nosed forward who is the glue to this team. He is a consistent scorer, rebounds well, and plays with passion. At 6’4 Burse makes plays above the rim on putbacks and short jump shots. Defensively he is positionally sound and rotates well, displaying good IQ. Against CBC he scored 11 points and really was the one who kept them in the game in the first half. In the second half, he leaked out for a dunk to tie the game and take control of the momentum. His plays down the stretch were crucial in the win.