Stock Riser: Julius Rollins

Julius Rollins came into the Omaha Showcase with several division one offers, and we fully expect his offer list to grow following his stellar play.

Rollins was superb all weekend, averaging nearly 20ppg with 5 rebounds per game. His game was on on full display as he was clicking on all cylinders.

Rollins led Young & Reckless with 27 points to give Jimmer Elite 17U their lone loss of the tournament. Against a team with multiple D1 guys, Rollins elevated his game to a whole new level. He was unstoppable getting to the rim for layups or drawing a foul. He didn’t particular shoot great from the line, and had he done that, he might have had 40 points.

Rollins was a bit right-hand dominant off the bounce, but it was working all weekend long so there was no need to switch it up. His quick burst and length coupled with his strength makes him difficult to stop as he glides towards the hoop. His 6’6 frame is long and athletic and he’s shifty when attacking the basket downhill.

He’s got a nice quick twitch on his standing vertical and good instincts for the basketball to rebound against taller defenders. He had several rebounds over bigger defenders by simply timing his jump and tipping it away to himself — and this was against 6’10 opponents.

Rollins shot a high percentage throughout the weekend because of his ability to get to the rim and finish, but his outside jumper wasn’t as consistent as he had hoped, I’m sure. His shot has great form, high release, and he gets really good elevation on it — he just never got it going over the course of a game. He had moments where he shot well and you can tell that he’s going to be a capable perimeter shooter as he continues to work on it.

Rollins versatility on the defensive side of the ball will get more D1 coaches to circle his name. Rollins was tasked at times to defend the point and the post…and did an excellent job at both. His long arms and quick feet allow him to guard on the perimeter, while his strength, length and quick hands allowed him to defend down-low. Any time a big would drop the ball or try to put it on the floor, Rollins was swiping it away.

Play from Rollins like at the Omaha Showcase is only going to increase his recruiting stock. We recommend coaches buy now!