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2020 PG Rashad Weekly-McDaniels Commits To Central Michigan

Rashad Weekly-McDaniels just verbally committed to Central Michigan, he tells Recruit Look Hoops.

Weekly-McDaniels is a three star prospect according to various scouting services.

McDaniels officially visited Central Michigan on August 28th and committed just a week later. He chose the Chippewas over UW-Milwaukee, and Western Illinois. 

What stood out about Central Michigan over the rest? The family atmosphere and the small campus feel.

“It just felt like home,” said McDaniels. “Out of all the schools I visited, this just felt like the place for me,” added McDaniels. “I really love how small the campus is. My dorm is right across from the gym, so I’ll be able to get to work at anytime.” 

Even though it felt like home and it’s aura had a family atmosphere, that’s not the only thing that’s draws a recruit in when choosing a school. Which rings true for McDaniels’ case. Coach Davis hit a homerun during McDaniel’s recruitment with both him and his parents. 

“Coach Davis is another big reason why I’m committing to Central Michigan,” said McDaniels. Relaying a lot of the same sentiments that McDaniels preaches, Davis is huge on communication. Which could be why he’s reeling in a natural leader and point guard. “Communication is huge for me, and Coach Davis is big on communication as well. He was always talking to me and that meant a lot to me.”

What’s McDaniels want Chippewas fans to know about him as a player? “That I’m a team player. I’m a pass first guard and I always want to get my teammates involved. I’m just always going to play with a smile too, that’s just who I am.”

The Chippewas may have officially added McDaniels, but they know they can’t stop there. Neither is McDaniels who is beginning to peer recruit early for the Chippewas in hopes of bringing some more talented players with him to Mount Pleasant, Michigan. 

“Josh Wallace from Link Year Prep and Sam Richardson from Hancock. They’re both. St. Louis kids,” said McDaniels regarding who he’s trying to get to join him. “Coach Davis actually called me this week and asked who I would think would be great additions to our class, those two immediately came to mind.”

McDaniels a point guard out of St. Louis, Missouri for Trinity Catholic is the first commit in 2020 for Central Michigan and Coach Keno Davis. 

What type of player is Central Michigan getting in Rashad Weekly-McDaniels?

“Weekly-McDaniels is a big bodied guard who looks like he should be a college running back. McDaniels uses his body well when getting to the rim and his strength allows him to finish through contact well. McDaniels has an improving three-point shot that will be key for him at the next level. Loves getting his teammates involved, a true pass-first point guard. He’s a natural leader and it shows on the basketball court. His defense is improving, which will need to be a big thing for him to continue to focus on before he gets to the next level.”

Tyler Simpson – Recruit Look Hoops

Player Focus: Rashad McDaniels

After leading his Trinity Catholic High School team to a 20+ win season, Rashad McDaniels heads into his final spring/summer recruiting season looking to add to his existing list of impressive offers. He will look to kick off his spring in the RL Hoops circuit in Omaha.

RLH: What are you looking forward to the most for this spring/summer basketball season?

RM: I’m looking to get more scholarships and I’m looking to better myself as a player.

RLH: Do you have anything you want to work on this spring/summer in preparation for your last year of high school basketball?

RM: I want to work on being smarter and more patient. I want to stop forcing things [on the court]. I also want to build a relationship with my brothers and coaches.

RLH: What is the biggest difference between high school and AAU basketball?

RM: The speed and tempo. Also, the coaching is different. My high school coach and my AAU coach have different coaching styles but it’s a good learning experience.

RLH: Who is your favorite player in the NBA right now? Why?

RM: My favorite player in the NBA right now is Kemba Walker; he reminds me of myself.

RLH: What schools have been showing interest in you so far?

RM: Western Illinois offered me. Princeton has been texting me. Utah State, and Air Force have been on my pretty hard. Also, I’ve gotten interest from Missouri State and Wisconsin Milwaukee.

RLH: How much has your game changed from this time last year? How so?

RM: My game has changed a lot. I shoot better than I did last year and I use the pick and roll more. I didn’t like the pick and roll in the past but I like it now.

RLH: Who was the toughest player you faced last year?

RM: The toughest player I played against was Mario McKinley from Vashon High School.

RLH: Who do you think is going to win the NCCA tournament this year?

RM: Ever since my guy Ja got out the NCAA I’m going with Duke, but I’ve been a Duke fan since Quinn Cook and Tyus Jones.

RLH: What is the most important less you have learned playing for your coaches at your AAU team?

RM: I learned how to be a family. I also learned that it’s bigger than basketball. My team and coaches are a family and they will help me become a better person on and off the court.